Sim4Blocks has been selected to host an important workshop at the European Union’s Sustainable Energy Week’s (EUSEW) Policy Conference, the biggest European conference dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe. EUSEW 2020 takes place in Brussels between 22nd and 26th of June and the date and time for the 90-minute Sim4Blocks workshop will be confirmed in the next few weeks.

Applications for this prestigious opportunity were asked to focus on sustainable energy issues and to debate new policy developments, best practices and sustainable energy ideas. The successful Sim4Blocks agenda proposed addressing the challenge of demand response approaches that can be widely adopted in real-world markets – and how these approaches can be applied.

By looking to address the market realities for demand response services at the blocks of buildings scale, Sim4Blocks will closely examine what has worked and what hasn’t worked over the three-year project in order to help guide the future research agenda, policy making and ways forward for energy providers, aggregators and building managers.

This session will look closely at the project’s key results in its efforts to add flexibility to energy markets through a variety of demand response systems. Project partners from HFT-Stuttgart, CIMNE, EiFER and Enisyst and partner companies such as RESTORE, ENERGEA and PROMUSA as well as external experts in demand response and energy markets will be leading discussions.

Malcolm Yadack, who previously managed the Sim4Blocks project before leaving to become CO-CEO of KOENA ten GmbH, a company which integrates energy flexibility and energy efficiency into commercial appliances, will also speak, focusing on real-world realities for demand response.

Delegates will hear how the project developed appropriate business models for the energy services at the level of blocks of buildings and how it has gone about optimising demand response monitoring for future smart building indicators. Project results from pilot sites will also be discussed as well as an examination of market realities for demand response – what works and what doesn’t. Importantly, input will also be gathered from other demand response projects, each offering a different perspective on and approaches to demand response in today’s market and future markets, including that of domestic consumers.

The Dominoes project has been asked by the conference organisers to participate in the Sim4Blocks discussion, while input is also being gathered from other EU-funded demand response projects.

The session will provide valuable insight into the advanced work Sim4Blocks and others are doing for energy efficiency for energy providers, aggregators, users and policy makers and is highly relevant to the sustainable energy agenda. By focusing the debate on tested examples of demand response that have had varying degrees of success and digging down into the lessons learned from the projects, insights will be gained into possible new policy developments, best practices and, importantly, new ideas for future developments.



Notes for editors

The workshop will be recorded and will be available to view after the EUSEW Policy Conference, while Insight Media will also be producing an executive summary of the discussion for the wider dissemination of the issues being discussed.

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