Having received a six month extension to the project, Sim4blocks has had time to validate the results from its pilot sites in Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

Despite the outbreak of Covid-19 and the interruption this presented, the project has been able to finalise the results and gain some valuable insight into the different demand response strategies and approaches being tested over the last three years.

Each site, composed of contrasting building and community types, faced differences in the national grids and utilised different technology, but the results have highlighted some interesting market realities for demand response services at the blocks of buildings scale.

Unfortunately, the six months is nearly up, and the project will soon be coming to an end. All partners within the consortium will be gathering for the final consortium meeting, at the German pilot site in Wüstenrot on the 17th and 18th of September.

By looking to address the market realities for demand response services at the blocks of buildings scale, Sim4Blocks partners will spend the meeting closely examining what has worked and what hasn’t worked over the three-year project in order to help guide the future research agenda, policy making and ways forward for energy providers, aggregators and building managers.

On the afternoon of the 17th, following this analysis, a public stakeholder workshop has been organised and this will open its doors to the community of Wüstenrot. The residents of Wüstenrot have actively participated in Sim4Blocks by allowing the project to test three use cases throughout the three years.

The municipality of Wüstenrot, near Stuttgart in Germany, is working towards the ambitious plan to become energy independent by 2020 and to cover its whole energy demand (thermal and electricity) with renewable energy.

During the workshop, in which residents will gather with project partners, industry leaders and policy makers on a local and EU level, delegates will hear how the project developed appropriate business models for the energy services at the level of blocks of buildings and how it has gone about optimising demand response monitoring for future smart building indicators. Project results from the three pilot sites will be discussed as well as an examination of market realities for demand response – what works and what doesn’t.

Sim4blocks will also be filming the site visit to Wüstenrot and the live presentation of the results. This, along with video interviews of the pilot site leaders, will form a whole series of releases over the coming weeks.

Please follow, get in touch and stay tuned for live updates.