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Testing Demand Response on the ground

All the Demand Response (DR) systems and services being developed by the Sim4Blocks project will be applied to three pilot sites – in Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

Here, they will be tested, together with simple user interfaces designed for intuitive user interaction. It is important that consumers feel confident in being able to control how they consume electricity, which means the user interface needs to be attractive and easy to use.

Once testing and validation takes place at the three pilot sites, the successful models will be transferred to the customers of project partners in other European countries – in Belgium, France and the UK).

All the pilot sites are blocks of highly energy-efficient buildings with diverse energy systems and, most importantly, the infrastructure necessary for testing DR strategies.

You can find out more about the three pilot sites here:

Krommen Kelchbach, Switzerland

St Cugat, Spain

Wüstenrot, Germany