The main aims and objectives of the project are clearly defined and include a well-defined set of actions designed to achieve them. These are objectives and actions are as follows:

Objective: To specify the technical characteristics of flexible power demand that will enable dynamic DR.
Action: Sim4Blocks will quantify the reliability of combined flexibility of smaller buildings at the city-block level via data monitoring at pilot sites across Europe.

Objective: To study the optimal use of DR capability in the context of market tariffs and RES supply fluctuations.
Action: Sim4Blocks will combine innovative adaptive modelling and optimisation methods with big data analytics
to deliver the state-of-the-art real-time DR for the grid. The project will also engage and motivate
consumers by incorporating user interfaces and incentives and empowering them with the technical
capability to change consumption behaviour.

Objective: To develop and implement market access and business models for DR offered by blocks of buildings with a
focus on shifting power to heat applications and on optimisation of the available energy vectors in buildings.
Action: Sim4Blocks will develop new DR services that take into account the role of pricing, cost effectiveness,
data, policies, regulations and market barriers in attaining the critical mass needed to roll out access of
these services to electricity markets.

Sim4Blocks aims to address the following targets

• Increased energy flexibility in the electricity grid to increase the utilisation of fluctuating renewable
energy sources
• Better user engagement and awareness in energy use at home
• Energy cost savings for end users