The company was founded in 2010 by Pieter-Jan Mermans and Jan-Willem Rombouts. The team has grown  significantly between 2010 and 2015, to serve our clients in the UK and in Belgium. REstore has offices in the UK, in Belgium and in France. It currently offers balancing capacity to Elia, EDF and National Grid and services to RTE are expected to be offered by the end of 2015.

RestoreREstore is an independent European demand response aggregator. It providers grid operators and balancing responsible parties with flexible power sourced from industrial processes. For this, REstore contracts flexible power from industrial plants referred to as flex providers and sells it to different actors of the energy markets, referred to as energy clients. On the client side, , today’s clients of the company are TSO and BRPs.

Restore offers flexible power to TSOs in Belgium (Elia) and the UK (National Grid) mainly valued on the ancillary reserve markets. A unique deal has also been contracted with EDF to which flexible power from the industry is sold; REstore behaving as a virtual power plant. On the flex provider side, most of REstore’s portfolio is composed of flexibility from heavy industries and SMEs. Currently REstore has over 1GW of peak power under management in the Benelux and UK, of which 350MW is 24/7 reliable for grid balancing services.

REstore has built a proprietary technology platform Flexpond, which has unique and patented capabilities to aggregate industrial flexibility and turn it into ultra-reliable and –fast virtual turbines (which can serve the primary reserve markets).

In the past, REstore’s portfolio contained relatively limited flexibility from commercial buildings. By taking part in the SIM4BLOCKS project, the company hopes to understand how a better business case can be built for flexibility extracted from blocks of buildings, through innovative energy management systems of blocks of buildings. Along these lines, REstore will investigate how its product offering could be extended to DSO  services, since there is presently.

Key personnel

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