Insight Media Group LTD is a company that has evolved from Insight Publishers. Insight Publishers, was initially formed as a publishing and media company that worked predominantly within the European research community, providing expert dissemination and communication services to European and nationally funded research projects. It helped researchers, universities, science parks and Industry involved in science and innovation target audiences outside of the direct academic fields they work within. This helped to foster further innovation and funding, whilst at the same time engaging with the general public and mass media. Insight publishers did this through the production and delivery of the Projects Magazine.

They then began to work with research projects on other aspects of communication and dissemination and soon became a trusted partner to projects all over Europe, providing a whole suite of dissemination services, such as video, PR and media campaigns, web development and all print and digital requirements.

Insight Media Group has been formed to offer a more specialist research dissemination service to the market, by the directors and owners of Insight Publishers. By specialising in the core strengths of Insight Publishers.

By adopting a more specialist approach, by many of the same team involved in IPL and previous companies doing similar work, Insight Media is committed to working closely with its clients to deliver real impact.

Key personnel

Sam Davis –