Enisyst GmbH was founded in October 2015 as an independent spin-off of the SOLID Automation GmbH. SOLID Automation was founded in 1987 and was historicallyenisystblau manly active in the industrial process automation of production lines in the machine building industry. Since 2010, new additional activities have focused on the development of an intelligent control technology for energy system automation with the purpose of energy flow optimization in office and residential buildings and industrial facilities. This development has now been taken over with all rights by the independent spin-off enisyst.

The main reason for the spin-off was a clear separation between the two business lines, industrial process automation in the machine building industry and intelligent control technology for energy system automation and observation.

Enisyst offers with the product ‘enisyst energy central’ a holistic and individual scalable web based energy management and monitoring system for the energy efficient control of complex energy systems in buildings or production halls (heating, cooling, ventilation, electricity etc.) and in the infra structure of districts (district heating and cooling systems, intelligent charging infra structure for e-mobiles etc.). enisyst has its own electrical and software engineering and manufacturing departments to support customers with the best flexibility by the use of modern technologies.

Key personnel

Dieter Ebinger – d.ebinger@enisyst.de