EDF Energy is one of Britain’s biggest energy providers, supplying gas and electricity to just fewer than 6 million customers and 235,000 companies, including 11,000 major energy users. It is also the only major UK Energy Company with an in-house R&D Centre.

The EDF Energy R&D UK Centre has over 40+ experts producing innovative solutions in three key research areas: 1) Low Carbon Generation, 2) Smart Energy Supply, and 3EDF-ENERGY) Energy Markets and Future Grids. The Centre has a number of collaboration with Universities, including: UCL, (University College London), University of Bristol, Manchester University, and University of Bath. The UK Centre’s main goals are to support EDF Energy and help develop their competitive position within the UK market, through innovation and bringing disruptive technologies to the market.

Key personnel

Sarah Bee – Sarah.Bee@edfenergy.com